Below is an overview of the online courses related to scent detection that we currently give. If you have functioning rewards for your dog It is perfectly fine to start the indication course without doing the play as reward course. And likewise, if the dog has an indication that works, it would be a waste of time to do the indication course before starting the systematic search course.

If you want to register for a online course please use the button below.

The courses typically starts the first day of the specified month. Participants are expected to devote one hour per day for the training. We use two online platforms for the training. As a participant you get a progression plan with a video clip of us showing the goal of each step. This gives you the possibility to focus on the training and how to reach the goal of the step, and use your phone or similar to film yourself doing the exercise the times in a row and post it on the platform. If there are problems or questions they will be answered the same day. We review the clips every day and provide personal feedback. You have access to the progression plan and the video clips for as long as you wish after the course has ended, and you can also download them.